Report on the Annual Review on the working of Treasuries, Pension Payment Offices and Pay And Accounts Office, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh for the year 2005-06





01.       Delay in adjustment of advances on A.C.Bills involving an amount of Rs.554.83 Crore                                               

02.       Outstanding Railway Pension claims of Rs. 11.10 Crore             

03.       1018 Treasury Inspection Reports with 4035 Paras were outstanding to the end of 31-3-2006.

 04.       During the course of Inspection of Treasuries/Sub-treasuries/Pension Payment Offices in the year 2005-06 excess payment of pension of Rs.60.11 lakh noticed as under,

i.                                    Payment of Enhanced Family pension beyond time limit (Rs.14.43 lakh)

ii.                                   Irregular consolidation of pension (Rs.18.86 lakh)

iii.                                 Excess payment of pension due to inadmissible relief (Rs. 13.60 lakh)

iv.                                  Excess payment of pension due to non-recovery or short recovery of commuted portion of pension (Rs.9.94 lakh)

v.                                     Excess payment of pension due to inadmissible weightage (0.31 lakh)

vi.                                 Excess payment of pension due to payment of full pension to each of the widows instead of half share of Family pension (Rs.2.97 lakh)

05.       Non-Lapsing of deposits unclaimed for more than 3 years for Rs.1.89 Crore

06.   Incorrect Operation of Deposit Accounts

i.                   Incorrect lapsing of Tenth Finance Commission Grants released by Government of India of Rs.1.20 Crore

ii.                Irregular release of XI Finance Commissioner Grants of Rs.14.50 Crore  beyond 31-3-2005

iii.             Incorrect drawal of amounts on self-cheques from PD Accounts Pulivendula Area Development Agency for Rs. 11.05 Crore.               

07.       Adverse Balances in PD Accounts of Rs.147.64 Crore         

08.       Heavy stock of stamps amounting to Rs.284.71 crore                

09.       Irregular withdrawal of amounts from CSS Account by Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas                                                              

10.       Non-clearance of balances under CD Act 1974 (Rs.7.83 lakh)

11.       Delay in adjustment of AC Bills relating to  Mid day Meals Scheme involving an amount of Rs.6.87 Crore

12.       Wanting Vouchers for Rs.7.97 Crore up to March 2006 due from various treasuries.

13.     Wanting vouchers for Rs.32.11 Crore upto 91.92 due from PAO, Hyderabad .

14.       Certificates of payment in lieu of missing vouchers amounting to Rs.17.58 crore for the month of 11/89 due from PAO, Hyderabad.

15.     Drawal of funds of Rs.40 lakh by P.D.Account holders at the fag end of the year to avoid lapse of budget grant (PAO, Hyderabad ).

16.       Observation of I.T Audit in 5 DTOs

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Principal Accountant General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

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