FAQ - Pension

1.Do pensioner need to visit AG Office to pursue his case?

Absolutely not.  Pension cases received in complete shape will be processed within 30 working days from the date of receipt in AG Office.  If pensioner has any grievance or complaint he / she can access this office through the following channels of communication.

SMS to mobile no. 9492233447

Phone no. 040-23236811 to 040-23236819 (Extension 235)

2.What are the common deficiencies noticed in the pension proposals?

» Omission of descriptive rolls or DRs without photos and attestation by pension sanctioning authority.
  • » Death certificate of the Government servant
  • » Part II B without the signature of Pension Sanctioning Authority.
  • » Non furnishing of correct/current address of the pensioner.

3.What are the documents required for processing pension?

Service Pension

»Application containing 4 parts - Part I, Part II A, Part II B, Part II C

  • »Descriptive Rolls
  • » Nomination
  • » LPC & NDC
  • Family Pension
  • » Application containing 4 parts - Part I, Part II A, Part II B, Part II C
  • » Descriptive Rolls
  • » Nomination
  • » LPC & NDC
  • » Death certificate of the deceased Government servant
  • » Family members certificate
  • In the case of Handicapped child (Additional documents)
  • » Specific declaration by the Pension Sanctioning Authority to the effect that the handicap of the child prevents him / her from earning livelihood
  • » Descriptive rolls along with guardian
  • » Death certificates of both the parents
  • » Latest medical certificate issued by Civil Surgeon / Medical Board as the case may be
  • In the case of Unmarried, Divorced  & Widowed Daughters (Additional documents)
  • » Self declaration of dependency on the deceased Government servant / pensioner
  • » Income certificate issued by revenue authority
  • » Divorce decree (in case of divorced daughter)
  • » Death certificate and family members certificate in respect of husband (in case of widowed daughter)
  • Whenever there is a change in beneficiary for family pension, the application should invariably contain the LTA Certificate from treasury.

4.How can a pensioner ensure that his pension papers were received in AG Office?

As soon as a pension proposal is received in this office an acknowledgment with IVRS number will be sent to the pensioner. If the pensioner has provided his mobile number in his pension application, status of the case will be updated to him periodically.

5.What are the references pensioner need to furnish while communicating with AG Office?

Either the IVRS number communicated by this office, or file number of this office which will be in alpha numeric such as A- 123/2015-04.  If the correspondence is regarding already authorized pension, PPO number may be furnished.

6.Is it necessary to give the mobile number of the pensioner in the application?

Though it is not mandatory, providing of mobile number will help this office to inform the pensioner the deficiency if any in the application.

7.What is the time taken in AG office for authorizing a pension case?

Pensionary benefits are authorized within two months from the date of receipt of the proposal in complete shape in this office.  This is as per the provisions of Citizen Charter.

8.Is there any priority to authorise Family Pension or Original Service Pension cases?

Yes.  We have resolved to authorise fresh cases (Both Service Pension & Family Pension) within 30 working days.  This time limit is applicable where the pension proposal is complete in shape.

9.How can a pensioner obtain a copy of his intimation regarding autorisation?

As soon as his/her pension is authorized by this office, a copy of the intimation will be sent to the pensioner through Speed Post.  However if pensioner desires, he can download his copy from the website “http://ag.ap.nic.in”.

10.Is pensioner’s copy mandatory to take payment from Treasury?

No.The Govt of AP has issued instructions to all the pension disbursing authorities vide circular No:7614-A/127/PSC/89, Fin.&Ping. FW(PSC) dated 20.12.1989 for not insisting production of party copy. Treasury authorities should make payment by verifying Descriptive Rolls.

11.What is the procedure to  transfer PPO from one district to another within the State?

The pensioner has to approach the pension disbursing authority with an application for transfer. The disbursing authority shall forward the PPO to the new disbursing authority and intimate the fact to AG for allotting New PPO Number.

12.What is the procedure for transferring the PPO to other State?

The pensioner has to approach disbursing authority with an application for transfer. The disbursing authority shall forward the PPO to the office of AG (A&E). AG office shall forward the PPO to the AG office of the State concerned where the pensioner has opted to draw the pension.

13.Is second wife eligible for Family Pension where the 2nd marriage has taken place during the lifetime of 1st wife.

No.  However, children of the second wife are entitled to Family Pension.  Also pensionery benefits will be disbursed as per the compromised deed / court orders, if there is any.

14.What is the procedure for authorization of undrawn pension claim?

The undrawn arrear proposal received from the Disbursing Authority will be checked by this office and sent to the Pension Sanctioning Authority for obtaining necessary sanction.  On receipt of sanction, this office will authorize the claim.

15.Is it possible to include the widowed/divorced/unmarried daughters as family members on a later date (If they were not included at the time of retirement of the Government servant)?


16.Is there any preference to Son over Daughter for claiming Family pension?

No.  The authorisation of family pension is strictly in order of their date of birth.

17.Is advance authorization for Family Pension in favour of Widowed/divorced/un-married daughters possible?

No. Advance authorization is available for spouse and physically/mentally disabled children and not for others.

18.Is appointment of a guardian necessary for payment of Family pension to physically/mentally disabled children?

Yes.  Family pension shall be paid to such disabled children through the guardian as if they are minor.  To avoid hardship to such children, parents may nominate a guardian(other than parents) during their lifetime.