1. FW Application is in the prescribed form. The FW application form is sent to the subscriber one year in advance of the date on which, he/she would attain age of superannuation for filling and returning within a month, wherefrom the same is forwarded to AG/A&E/Hyd, without delay (Rule 31.3.1 of GPF (AP) Rules). Applications in case of death should be submitted immediately.
  2. Application is signed by the subscriber/ nominee/nominees as the case may be.
  3. Application is signed and forwarded by the competent authority (Head of the office or Head of the Department. (Rule.31.3.2 of GPF (AP) Rules)
  4. Provident Fund Subscriptions are compulsorily discontinued during the last 4 months of service (GO.Ms.No.1, F&P, (FW. Pen-II) Dept., dated 31.3.1989)


  1. No temporary advances/PFW is sanctioned during the last 4 months of service (Circular Memo.No.018436/905/penII/86/F&P, dt.31.12.1988). However in exceptional circumstances, which should be rare where Part Final Withdrawal was sanctioned, ensure that the relevant sanction order is communicated to the Principal Accountant General and acknowledgement thereof together with the fact of noting in the subscriber’s GPF account is obtained.
  2. The entries in the application are complete, full and legible.
  3. GPF Account No. and the suffix indicated are correct.
  4. Date of Birth as recorded in service register is noted
  5. Date of Superannuation is noted.
  6. Last Fund deductions are recorded.
  7. Address for communication is invariably indicated.
  8. Place of payment is clearly indicated.
  9. Two attested copies of specimen signatures are enclosed in case the payment is required at a place other than the place where the subscriber has last worked.
  10. Certificate of drawal of TA/PFW during the last 12 months are clearly mentioned in Column No.16 and Column No.17. If the advances are not sanctioned/drawn during the last 12 months preceding their retirement Column No.16 should be ticked.
  11. 14A.  Statement of Recoveries of subscriptions/refund of withdrawals during the last 12 months are enclosed.

  12. In case of death the following particulars are furnished/enclosed:
    1. Date of Death
    2. Attested copy of Death Certificate
    3. Photocopy of nomination (if available)
    4. Original/attested copy of Legal Heir Certificate
    5. List of Family Members and their age as required in Column No.12(c) of FW application
    6. Marital status in case of daughters. (with dates of marriage)
    7. Guardian Ship Certificate wherever required i.e. in case of minors.
  13. On receipt of authorization the payment is made to the beneficiary with out any delay
  14. A disbursement Certificate is sent to this office within a fortnight from the date of Payment.



  1. Amounts of subscription should be rounded to whole rupees.

  2. In the schedule the details of deductions may be shown in the ascending order of account numbers

  3. The guide letters i.e. (GA, PH, MEDL, etc.) should invariably be suffixed to the Account Numbers.

  4. Reasons for discontinuance of Subscriptions should be given (i.e. official “Proceeded on leave”, “Transfer to”_______ Office-District, “Quit Service, died or discontinued”.)

  5. Against new names appearing first time in the schedule, it should be written that the Subscriber “transferred from _________Office-District etc.

  6. The total of the schedule should be struck and written both in figures and words.

  7. Month of recovery should be clearly indicated in the schedule.

  8. Schedules should be prepared neatly and legibly

  9. Correct Classification should be recorded on schedules, challans and debit vouchers.

  10. Subscriptions, refunds towards TAs should be separately indicated. Refunds should be supported by installments and the amount of loan outstanding.

  11. Schedules and Vouchers should be arranged in order as per the list of payments.

  12. Original authorizations should be enclosed to the bill of Final Payment cases.

  13. The challans should there on contain the details of the amounts remitted instead of separate sheet enclosed to the challans.

  14. 11 digit code should be adopted.

  15. A uniform format of schedules for all recoveries of GPF (Viz. subscription, DA etc.) should be adopted.

  16. TA/PFW sanction orders should invariably attached to the debit vouchers.

  17. Debit vouchers should be enclosed as per LOP.

  18. No debit voucher should be missing.

  19. There should not be any overwriting on the debit vouchers.

  20. Payments on Booster Scheme should be made along with GPF payments.

  21. Classification of Booster scheme payments should be done correctly.

  22. Ensure that points indicated in the Brochure, to be kept in mind by DDOs while forwarding GPF FW applications, are complied with.


  1. There should not be any over writings.
  2. Misclassification of the Credits / Debits of Class.IV employees should not be done

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