Instructions for proper filling in of Nomination Forms

  1. A subscriber should enter his account number and specify the name of the Fund in the space provided for the purpose at the top of the form.

  2. The nomination form must be filled in the same ink throughout and it should not contain erasure and overwriting.

  3. In case the subscriber is a widower and nominates persons other than his children or the widow and widows and children of a deceased son, he should certify on the form that he has no issue.

  4. Full name, age, relation and complete residential address of the Nominee/Nominees Alternate nominee should be furnished in the relevant cols (Cols. 1,2,3,&5)

  5. When a subscriber having no family nominate any person – persons, the contingency column(4&5 as the case may be) should invariably be filled in with the following words.  “In the event of the subscriber subsequently acquiring the family”.

  6. In the case of an “adopted child”, it should be stated on the form whether under the personal law of the depositor, adoption is legally recognized as conferring the status of natural child.

  7. In case the subscriber has only one member of his/her family who has been nominated in Col.(I) Col.(5) i.e., (for alternate nominee) may be filled in with the name of any person, but it should be specified in the column that the alternate nomination shall become invalid in the event of the subscriber subsequently acquiring any of the member or members of his/her family.

  8. In no case should Column(4) or Column(5) of the nomination be filled in with the words “death” or “in the event of the nominee predeceasing the subscriber”, as the Government have held that the term is redundant and misleading.  The wordings “in the event of legal divorce of the nominee” may be filled in or a line may be drawn diagonally over column.4.

  9. Column(5) or Column(6)(i.e., alternate nominee) as the case may be of the nominations should not be filled with the word “self” or “subscriber” since such a specification is meaning less and defective.  The alternate nominee should be different from the principal nominee and self.

  10. The percentage of share may please be specified for each person in Column 5 of the nomination, when more than one person is nominated as to cover the whole of the amount.

  11. The date of execution of nomination should agree with the date of signature of the subscriber as well as the witnesses.

  12. The place of nomination (and not the time) should be noted after the word “at” below the preamble of the nomination.

  13. Full signature with date, occupation and address of the subscriber and of the two witnesses to his signature should be given in the space provided for the purpose at the bottom of the form.

  14. A nomination with a condition or in favour of legal heirs cannot be accepted.

  15. The correct form of nomination should be used.

  16. The nomination should be attested by the D.D.O. concerned.


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